10 Ways to Improve Your English Vocabulary

Many students and professionals want to become fluent English speakers to compete in this fast-pacing world. Speaking in English every day helps a lot. At the same time, one should improve his/her vocabulary too to express more clearly and sound like a native and expert speaker. Building vocabulary is also crucial to understand other people better and avoid any kind of miscommunication. 

How to improve your English vocabulary? The key is consistency. You can discover a million ways on the Internet to improve your vocabulary but if you do not have consistency, you can never win the game. You should consider the methods as holy rituals and do them every day without fail.

Doing it for two days and taking a break for the next four days is a sure way to always remain mediocre. This blog speaks about 10 ways to improve your English vocabulary but to attain success, you need consistency. 

1) Make Books Your Best Friend


Books have a lot of new words that we do not know. Make your goals clear first. What do you want to achieve and the time period you want to achieve that? If you want to become an expert in urban slang, go for fiction written by contemporary authors. Classics teach you some deep vocabulary that will help you express yourself well in front of an audience. Read ten pages every day and learn the contextual meaning of the new words along with the direct usage. Remember, consistency is the key. 

2) Learn Five New Words Daily


Keep your dictionary closer to you. Learn five new words daily and use them in your sentences while speaking. A pro tip is that even if there is no context to utter the word you learned, create the situation so that you can use it (Not kidding. That really works!). Also, try writing the new words by creating your own sentences. 

3) Observe While Others Speaking


In a room filled with English speakers, before speaking to others, use a complete session to just observe how they speak and the words they use. This is learning by observation. To truly improve your English vocabulary, you will need to learn a lot and then implement the learnings. To speak confidently, practise every day. You will also know the collocations while observing fluent English speakers

4) Install Word Apps and Language Games


Games and apps are great ways to build your vocabulary and learn how to use them in the right sentences. Learning can be really fun through games and apps. You will not be too burdened. Playing them regularly will improve your English vocabulary even without you knowing until some situations come up to realize. 

5) Read a Blog Everyday


Blogs are often written on a specific niche after extensive research. Reading those blogs will help you to build knowledge on different fields and also the vocabulary to use. You will learn the jargon and understand technical people better at your work or college. You will gain the confidence to speak in English with any fluent speaker. 

6) Watch Harry Potter and Narnia!


Those are my favourites. If you do not have any favourites, start with popular series like Harry Potter, Money Heist, Friends, Office. Movies and TV shows teach a lot of new words that are in trend. As you watch many movies and shows, your vocabulary will improve a lot. Never ever start with a boring show, then you will lose interest in watching English series. Look at the reviews before choosing one. 

7) Get Fluent Speakers as Friends


There are many platforms where you can meet new friends, who are native English speakers. They will be ready to help you out. Schedule video or audio meetings with them once in a while. Build a strong bond and text them in English but before that check, if they are comfortable with it. Do not try to get friends without doing the basic groundwork needed to initiate and continue a conversation. It is okay if your language has errors but it should not be incomprehensible. While speaking to them, you will learn more new words and more importantly, slang words. 

8) Journal your Experiences


How will journaling help you? When you want to describe your day’s experiences, you will learn new words to convey the meaning correctly. That is very important because when you read it again, you would want to understand your own words. That might sound hilarious but it should not be discarded. Eventually, you will learn to capture the emotions well through your words. This is a way to learn sentence construction and verify how well you have built your vocabulary. 

9) Improve your Vocabulary Through Word Associations


When you read a word separately, there are higher chances of you forgetting them the very next day. So, try to associate the words with other words so that it is very convenient for you to remember later. For example, you can go by positive, comparative and superlative words. Good, better, best. Else, browse the synonyms of one word and learn new words for the same meaning. 

10) Read. Record. Review. The 3R Process


This is a popular technique to build vocabulary. But the learners should use it well enough to improve themselves. It is simple. This is what the entire blog has been saying about. Read a book every day. Record the unknown words and find meanings for them. Review how well you can use them in your everyday language. All you have to do is repeat, repeat, repeat the words you have learned. That is the only way to sound like a native speaker. 

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These tips can definitely help you to become an expert speaker in English. The importance of consistency cannot be insisted on enough. For all these tips to work, you should make it your routine. Do not treat it like homework. If you do, then your mind will long for a break, which is not a good idea if your goal is to become a fluent speaker. Good luck with your journey. If you have any more proven ways, feel free to comment with your ideas.



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