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How long will it take to become fluent in English?

When it comes to how long it takes for someone to learn English depends on many different factors. For example where the person lives (or is located), what their current level of English is and how they practice will all determine how quickly that person learns the language.

Will this course be helpful for me?

Yes, of course. The lessons will be useful to someone who is either a beginner or intermediate learner. We follow CEFR standards for all of our English language courses, and use ESL methods when teaching.

How to enrich my Vocabulary?

Learning the English language is a lot like learning a sport – practising may seem tedious but it’s essential to doing well! As a beginner, take notes from native speakers when learning about new words and their meanings.

Listen to the word being said out loud, and repeat it so it becomes second nature. Then you’ll be able to recall the word when the situation arises in the future.

How can I join your Free Session?

You can follow me on youtube, Instagram and other social media for getting notifications about the free masterclass.

Will there be any personal Support from Ms. Sshutanu?

Yes, you will get personalised feedback from me once you join my community. You will be connected with me on Whatsapp as well.

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