7 Tips to Speak Fluently and Confidently in English

Being fluent in English has become a mandatory skill in today’s fast-pacing world. Do you agree? Let me tell you a real-life story. A friend completed his Master but he was not able to get into a job for a long time.

Why? Because he did not have strong communication. It is painful to miss opportunities that you could have clearly cracked if you had spoken well. All MNCs have prioritized the English speaking skills as they deal with majorly global clients. Not just that, even engineers, marketers, startup founders, and entrepreneurs must learn to clearly express their ideas and plans to their prospects.

And what if you made an English friend at an airport? Won’t you be intrigued to know more about his/her culture and lifestyle? Becoming fluent in English is not a herculean task but it is not so easy that you can learn it in a day or two. Consistency and hard work will take you to your goals.

Here are 7 simple tips to speak fluently and confidently in English.

1. Power of Small Steps Everyday

Starting is the first challenge; Consistency is the next challenge. You can overcome both challenges if you set realistic and attainable goals. Planning huge steps will hinder you from moving forward.

Assign a few hours to English learning in a day and follow the schedule like an unavoidable ritual. You will see the difference in one or two months. I am not saying that you will become a proficient English speaker but your vocabulary and confidence would have grown.

Have you heard of Objectives and Key Results? OKR can help you keep track of your steps towards your destination. You should decide what your goal is, and then plan the activities, which will be the key results, to achieve that goal.  

2. Listening to English is Inevitable

Listening is an important skill because that is how you learn the native speakers’ accents.

But do you know what the fun part is? You need not go to great institutes to listen to native speakers’ conversations. If you love to watch movies or series, start with popular English movies and dramas. If you watch it with subtitles, you will learn many new words.

Here, for the listening exercise to be effective, try watching them without subtitles to understand the fluent speakers and also learn the accent.

3. Mirror Activity to Become Fluent in English

To become a fluent English speaker, the Mirror technique helps greatly. For 20 minutes every day, stand in front of the mirror, look at your own eyes and start speaking in English, That way, you can remove the stage fear and also increase your confidence double fold. This is an inexpensive way of improving your communication skills.

Besides, initially, you need not be grammar conscious when speaking to yourself or others. But as time passes by, you will not have hesitation anymore while speaking the language but grammar errors. That’s when you should start correcting your grammar errors. It is amazing if you could simultaneously learn grammar and apply it to your speaking.  

4. Build your Vocabulary

The most common error many language learners do is that they learn new words every day only to forget them later. There is a procedure to follow when you learn a new word. You will have to apply it while speaking and make yourself familiar with the word. Creating a joke around the word will never make you forget. This is just an example. Find your way of having the new word forever in your mind.

Learn 5 words everyday morning, and spend the day using them in your spoken sentences. If possible, try making study friends in English countries through language forums and try to have a conversation over a meeting application whenever possible.

5. Reading a Book Makes You a Confident Speaker

Books are the best friend not only to lonely people but also to language learners. Buy a popular book because the author would have written in modern language that is in use. By reading the sentences in the book aloud, you will be able to get a clear pronunciation of words which makes speaking easier.

And, for every three to four lines, you will come across at least one or two words that you do not know the meaning of. Highlight those words and know their synonyms in your daily tasks. And, try listening to the audio version of the book to learn how to pronounce the words and intonation.

Focus on pleasure reading later. Firstly, focus on becoming confident and convenient with using the English language.

Pro tip: Listening to English Music and learning the lyrics also help you to learn more. Explore ways of learning and knowing.

6. Sound Like A Native Speaker by Using Idioms

Native English speakers use a lot of idioms while conversing with others. For example, instead of saying, ‘I will listen to you,’ they use ‘I’m all ears’ which means that they are listening and you can share with them. Learn just two idioms a day, not any idiom but the most commonly used ones.

Speak them whenever you get a chance to have a chat with native speakers. I would say, even try creating the context just to use the idiom in your spoken English. If you do not practise every day, you might forget the skill and will have to start from square one again.

7. Change your Mind Voice from Your Native Language to English. LOL

We all have that little voice in our minds that helps us make a lot of decisions from breakfast to choosing the bed sheet for a good night’s sleep. From now on, make English the little voice’s language and even there, you can use all your learned phrases, words and idioms. Once you have well-practiced within yourself, you will not hesitate too much when you land on an opportunity where you need to speak English.


Follow the free simple steps to improve your English communication skills. Once you learn how to express yourself to others, there is no stopping you. Communication is the key to every new beginning, seamless middle and painful end. Conquer your world by ruling your words.

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    Mai hindi medium student hu Mai apki class nahi join kr skta Qki mere pass itna nahi hai maine Cds ka exam clear kia hai



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