How to Make a Good Impression that Everyone Remembers?

The first impression is the best impression. That’s an old saying but it holds so much value even today. In a professional or academic setup, you will have only a little time to shape the opinion of others. Your superiors and peers will decide by your appearance and manners, which imply that you will have to make a good impression that everyone remembers. 

What kind of impact does making a good impression give?  Whitney Johnson, the author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work, says that a first strong impression gives someone the benefit of doubt so that the person can have more chances at being a human as it would never come across as bad actions. 

On the other hand, a poor impression can affect the future relationship of the two parties. It is hard to climb the career or academic ladder because there would be a lot of hurdles and very few helping out. In this blog, we have listed the 10 best ways to make a good impression on everyone. 

1. Focusing on Appearance is a Must

By appearance, looks are never meant. It is how you dress and whether it is suitable for the occasion or not. For instance, you cannot wear a Hawaii shirt in an event celebrating the annual success of an organization. Don’t you agree? People will look at you differently and maintain a distance from you. (If that is your goal, please go ahead 😅).

At schools, strict discipline is enforced on the students to teach them how important it is to be well-groomed, especially if there is any special occasion. That’s because they know that dress code and a well-groomed appearance are mandatory in the outside world. 

2. Be on Time Always

Giving excuses on your first meeting with someone will take the chance to make a good impression away. Your presence will be hardly felt by the attendees. To create an effect, you will have to be there on time or even a few minutes early. Consider all the challenges on your way and start from your home accordingly. Besides, if you reach early, you will have enough time to prepare and get used to the venue so that you can start off confidently, whatever your objective is. 

3. A Calm Face with a Sweet Smile

You might be anxious or nervous, and everyone is when they are at an important place. But you should never show that on your face and always have a winning smile. Practising at home can help to reduce your anxiety and give a confident presence. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I am the best. I will do great today.” That gives a boost to your confidence.

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4. Body Language is Important

You will have to exhibit confidence with your body language. Your walk, gesture and handshakes should be firm enough to show that you know what you speak or do (Not as firm as army men). Maintain eye contact with the person who speaks to you but never be awkward. Relax and play the role well keeping the tip in mind. 

5. Find the Common Ground

Vivian Zayas, a professor of psychology at Cornell University, says, “As social beings, we use everything available to make sense of a person that we’re meeting for the first time.” When you speak to someone, in a job interview or some other event, try to find the common ground and speak on it because people tend to be more interested in a conversation if it is a topic that they love or know about. 

6. Research About the Attendees

If you want to make a great impression in a business event, know the attendees and use LinkedIn or any other professional platform to know more about them. Knowing your audience, you can speak confidently and dodge some hindrances that might create a poor impression on you. This is an important step particularly when you are going to deliver a speech. You need not look up each person but you should know the general interests. 

7. Talk about Others; Not just About Yourself

When you talk only about yourself, the other party might get bored and disinterested. You should pose questions and make them talk about themselves too. One thing to be careful of is that never cross the line. Keep it professional if it is an official event. When you know your attendees, you know what kind of subject can keep the conversation lively and engaging. 

8. Observe Before You Speak

What will you do when you are sent to a meeting without prior notice or if there is not enough information about someone? Introduce yourself in an effective manner and start speaking on a subject which generally most professionals will love to listen to.  Observe their expressions to learn about them and find the topic that the person will be interested in. 

9. Be Yourself

To impress others, do not forget to show your authentic self. Imagine a situation where a person speaks only to impress the other person but later on, when others learn that you are not who you projected to be on the first day, they will be more disappointed. Speak the truth in a way that creates a good impression on you. Authenticity is what is always celebrated by people around the world. 

10. Sleep Well

The night before a big event always deprives us of sleep. But if you do not sleep well, it will show on your face and eyes. You will be tired the entire event and cannot really focus on socializing but going back home. To be active and get well along with others, you will have to sleep at least 6 to 7 hours. Make sure to plan your schedule accordingly. 

In a Nutshell…

A good impression and working smart as you always do will take you to greater heights and help you achieve your goals in any kind of scenario. Try the tips in an event and let you know what kind of impact it had on others. Creating a good impression that everyone remembers is easy if you put in adequate effort. Check out my Website learn more.


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