Learn Advanced English Grammar to Improve Your Speaking Skills

An advanced English grammar course to help you master English grammar and speak confidently and fluently.


‘Place right are you the at’ – Don’t you understand what this is?

This is why learning Advanced English grammar is important. I meant to say, ‘You are at the right place’


Speaking is easier when you have confidence but to convey the message correctly to the listeners, you need grammar. To become a fluent speaker and a laudable writer, you have to learn the whole system of language, which includes the structure of sentences, tenses and sentence formation.

But I know what troubles you in becoming an expert speaker. You are tired of looking through unreliable YouTube videos. You cannot find a course that has organised content on grammar.

Everything that you have landed on so far lacks the depth of information and knowledge.

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If I am right on your pain points, do not worry. Your search ends here. I have seen my friends worrying about the same. So, in this advanced English Grammar course, you will be learning from an expert, who has created a curriculum that can help you practice and internalise grammar. Say no to memorising grammar rules.

English Confidence Coach

I, Sutanu, am the Expert Who will be Helping You. Here is About Me.

I am a certified ESL teacher & English Confidence Coach from India, who is on a mission to help 100,000 people to speak clearly & naturally in English so that they can confidently join any English conversation & express their opinions without any hesitation.

As I trained more than 3000 students across the globe, I realized the greater importance of a grammar course to help the aspirants who want to become fluent speakers. And so, I crafted this advanced English grammar course.

I started my career as a Mechanical Engineer, but my passion for language led me to the English coaching field.

Therefore, I gave up my highly paying 9-5 job and started re-educating myself to be an awesome trainer to my students. I have completed the TESOL Certification from Trinity College of London and the Personality development course from ICF.

At present, I am running my online English courses successfully. I have been featured on Josh Talks and She the People TV. Besides, I was awarded the prestigious South India women’s Achievers Award for being a great Educator.

Why do you need to take this Advance English Grammar course?

Improve your English Grammar to sound like a native speaker.

Gain in-depth grammar knowledge and application

Build your confidence in English speaking and writing skills

Work on your English Comprehension to understand other speakers well

Time to work on your dream to be a good writer and give wings to your creativity.

Who can take this Advanced English Grammar course?

Are you an intermediate English student? Do you want to gain in-depth knowledge of English grammar rules and apply them in your language? Have you learnt English for more than three years? Are you someone who is looking to speak grammatically correct English & willing to take his/her English from Good to great? Then, you are the perfect fit for this course.

Besides, this advanced English Grammar course is ideal for you if you are a

Competitive job aspirants.

IELTS Aspirants

Business Professionals


Beginner Trainers

The class starts soon. Only 2 slots are available for this group. Book your slots now and become a fluent English speaker in just two months.

How many students will be there in this course?

I believe in giving personal attention to every student in the class. So, it is a group with only 10 Students. Grab the spots ASAP.

What you’ll learn in the Advance English Grammar course?

Lesson 1 – Mixed Present Tenses

Lesson 2 – Simple Past & Present Perfect

Lesson 3 – Mixed Past Tenses

Lesson 4 – Mixed Future Tenses (Part 1)

Lesson 5 – Mixed Future Tenses (Part 2)

Lesson 6 – Real Conditionals

Lesson 7 – Unreal Conditionals

Lesson 8 – Modal Verbs (Part 1)

Lesson 9 – Modal Verbs (Part 2)

Lesson 10 – Modal Verbs (Part 3)

Lesson 11 – Transitive / Intransitive Verbs + Objects

Lesson 12 – Infinitive vs -ING Game Show (Part 1)

Lesson 13 – Infinitive vs. -ING Game Show (Part 2)

Lesson 14 – Verbs + TO or ING with a change in meaning

Lesson 15 – Passive Voice

Lesson 16 – Subject-Verb Agreement with Tricky Nouns

Lesson 17 – Subject-Verb Agreement with Complex Subjects & Quantifiers

Lesson 18 – Countable & Uncountable Nouns

Lesson 19 – Complete Guide to Articles

Lesson 20 – Determiners

Lesson 21 – Possessives

Lesson 22 – Compound Nouns

Lesson 23 – There & It

Lesson 24 – Reflexive & Emphatic Pronouns

Lesson 25 – Position of Adjectives

Lesson 26 – Gradable & Non-Gradable Adjectives

Lesson 27 – Comparatives & Superlatives

Lesson 28 – Other Adjective Structures

Lesson 29 – Adjectives & Adverbs

Lesson 30 – Position of Adverbs

Lesson 31 – Prepositions of Position & Movement

Lesson 32 – Prepositions of Time

Lesson 33 – Prepositions after Verbs

Lesson 34 – Prepositions after Nouns

Lesson 35 – Connecting Words (Part 1)

Lesson 36 – Connecting Words (Part 2)

Lesson 37 – Relative Clauses

Lesson 38 – Other ways of adding information to sentences

Lesson 39 – Participle Phrases

Lesson 40 – Questions (Part 1)

Lesson 41 – Questions (Part 2)

Lesson 42 – Reported Speech (Part 1)

Lesson 43 – Reported Speech (Part 2)

Lesson 44 – Inversion & Cleft Sentences

Lesson 45 – Substitution & Elimination

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I learn advanced English grammar?

Join Sshutanu’s advanced English Grammar course where you can gain in-depth knowledge of English language rules and practically learn to apply them.

2. What is an advanced English course?

The advanced English course teaches you complex grammar too. The curriculum will be designed in such a way that you would become comfortable applying the complex grammar in your language too.

3. How do I move from intermediate to advanced English?

If you are already on the intermediate level, this is just the perfect course for you. Sutanu, the trainer of the advanced English course, can help you move to the advanced level.

4. How can I improve my English advanced writing skills?

If you know English grammar well, you can improve your English writing skills and attain an advanced level by applying the rules you learned.

What are you waiting for?