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If a child does not understand or speak English well

How will they understand other subjects?

How will they get along well with other kids?

How will they even ask doubts without hesitation?

Let us give a strong foundation in English to the children so that they have a chance to explore every single opportunity that comes their way.
I, Sutanu, am here to help your kids become good speakers and listeners. All value-packed sessions for free!

Live Zoom Session on Thursday, 10th Feb 2022

Timings 5 PM – 6 PM

Why should your child take this program?


Live Interactive Sessions

Practical training improves the communication skills of students in English. They will just turn off their brains if the class is mundane without any real-time conversations.


Excellent Worksheets and Notes

Practice makes someone perfect in a skill. Hence, I provide intriguing worksheets for students to practice and knowledge-stuffed notes to revise.


Lifetime Access to Recordings

We all do have unexpected emergencies or your kid might want to listen to the class again. So, here is a little surprise. I am gifting you lifetime access to the recordings of the class.


Special Attention to Your Kid

I add only 10 students to each batch. That will allow me to provide special care and attention to each kid in my class. I will know what they need to improve their English speaking skills.


Quiz and Test

Quiz and tests in my class are not for competitive purposes. It is to comprehend where the students stand and what should be done to improve their skills further.


Interpersonal Skills

Your kid will learn how to communicate, collaborate and lead better. This is a golden chance to make your child gain confidence and throw away his/her fears.

Who can take this course?

Only students in 4th grade to 12th grade can take this course. The curriculum is specially designed to provide them with a strong foundation in English.

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How have I structured the Course?

I have structured the course based on the learning on UK based curriculum, Interactive ESL teaching methodology and technology tools. The course has three levels based on the age of the student.

Level 1

Duration: 3 Months (Weekly 3 Classes)

Who can take this level?: 4th & 5th Grade Students


  • Grammar – Parts of speech, superlative & comparative, singular & plural, present Simple & continuous tense, past simple & continuous tense, future simple tense & gender.
  • Writing – Story writing, paragraph writing, Letter writing

  • Listening – Videos in US and UK accents.

  • Phonics – Introduction to the consonant cluster, Long & short vowel sounds, Blended consonants 

Level 2

Duration – 3 Months (Weekly 3 classes)

Who can Take This Course? Students in 6th, 7th & 8th grades


  • Grammar – Basic sentence construction, types of sentences, verbs and their types, subject-verb agreement, Tenses, comparative study of tenses, adjectives, conjunction, how to avoid spelling mistakes, punctuation rules.
  • Writing – Story writing, paragraph writing, letter writing (informal & formal), journal writing, message writing, emails & posters writing.
  • Reading – Comprehension
  • Listening – Videos & audios in US, UK & Australian accents, New vocabulary, phrases & collocation in English, basic idioms & phrasal verbs.

Level 3

Duration – 3 Months (Weekly 3 classes)

Who can Take This Course? – 13 years or above


  • Grammar – Stative & Dynamic verbs, reporting verbs, gerunds & infinitives, causative verbs. Question forms, tag questions, subject questions, indirect questions. Conditional Sentences, Phrasal verbs & idioms, articles usage, direct & indirect speech, active & passive voice, clauses, phrases, uncountable nouns.
  • Writing – Essay writing, journal writing, article writing, report writing, emails & posters writing.
  • Vocabulary – Simile, British & American spellings, homonyms, homophones, homographs, eponyms, and adjectives derived from animals.

What your kid will gain from this course?


Strong Grammar


Sharp Listening Skills


Developed Vocabulary


An Awesome Speaker

Meet your English Coach


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I’m Sutanu, a TESOL certified English Language and IELTS Trainer with 10+ years of experience. I have trained more than 12000 students across the globe.

I started my career as a Mechanical Engineer, but my passion for language led me to the English coaching field.

Therefore, I gave up my highly paying 9-5 job and started re-educating myself to be an awesome trainer to my students. I completed the TESOL Certification from Trinity College of London and the Personality development course from ICF.

I have been featured on Josh Talks and She the People TV. Besides, I was awarded the prestigious South India women’s Achievers Award for being a great Educator. 

Live Zoom Session on Thursday, 10th Feb 2022

Timings 5 PM – 6 PM

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A live course with such a detailed curriculum is rare to be seen on the internet. And it is Virtual!!! Individual attention to students takes this course to a whole different level.

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